At seventeen I dreamed of becoming an author and artist – but a serious traumatic brain injury left me with anterograde amnesia.  Over the next six years I taught myself to read again, how to remember enough to get by, and later went back to school, graduated with a BA, and wrote two novels.

I’ve been living with amnesia for 25 years, and have interviewed amnesiacs and their carers. I learned that there are a lot of things I found out the hard way, slowly, that I’d like to share to enable TBI sufferers to have better tools than I did.

I’m living proof of Neuroplasticity - the fairly recently accepted discovery that the brain can grow new neurons with the right physiotherapy. I have my own brain scans, photos and documentation.

As our book explains, after my injuries I was unable to read or write, but I used art as therapy and eventually became the artist and writer I had planned to be.

I lived on the Greyhound buses for a year writing my first novel, In Like Flynn, and recently completed my second novel, The House Made of Wheels. I’m currently writing my third novel.

I was brought up traveling, moving many times between England, Australia and New Zealand. These days New York is my home with my lovely wife Romy. 

Although I still live with amnesia, I’ve found a balance that lets me live a ‘normal’ life, and I’ve learned some coping mechanisms that I believe are worth sharing with this book.

Adam one year after the accident

Adam now