Adam spoke at Bellevue Hospital’s lecture series. This is a conference for Bellevue’s psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and activity therapists.

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This is the true story of a mother and son surviving a traumatic brain injury – Maureen tells the story that Adam can’t remember, and Adam explores the dark world of life with amnesia.

Adam was hit by a car at high speed and sustained a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). Smashed to pieces, unconscious for five days, he was left with anterograde amnesia – the inability to keep new memories. Neurologists told him he’d never read at an adult level again and he shouldn’t keep pushing himself because of the pain it caused. Over the next six years, Adam taught himself to read again, to count again, got off morphine-based painkillers, and learnt to deal with a life without a memory he could rely on.

This is a memoir of our experience as survivor and carer, a look into the journey out of the darkness. It’s a story that documents the will to survive that’s there within all of us. Even with serious injuries like these, extreme recovery really is possible. Patience and stubbornness are a powerful cocktail. Nothing will be the same, for both sufferer and carer, but the lessons learned are far reaching, born of acceptance and defiance.



“One of the most affecting memoirs I've ever read. … If you want proof of just how resilient the human mind, body, and will can be when pressed to unbelievable limits, read this book.”

“I didn't know that the mind and body could recover from such trauma. …

This would make an amazing movie.”

“Testament to how powerful mother's love can be.”

“Leaves one feeling a sense of gratitude for human endurance.”

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