“Adam Burns and his mother, Maureen, tell the story of Adam’s harrowing accident and road to recovery from each of their perspectives and it’s truly riveting. I could not put this book down. As a social worker and psychotherapist who has been in the field over 20 years, I have never felt more connected to someone’s experience because the writers are able to take you into their world completely from the moments of the accident to the frustrations of maneuvering through the health care system. One of the most compelling books I have ever read. I would love to see them tell their story on a larger scale, i.e. 60 Minutes or a feature film.”

Karen Mruck, LCSW

Social Worker, Psychotherapist & Professor, Hunter College

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Maureen and Adam Burns' jointly-written account of their experience recovering from Adam's traumatic brain injury, is one of the most affecting memoirs I've ever read. The narrative alternates between caregiver/advocate/Mother-with-a-captial-A Maureen, battling a host of medical professionals in order to secure the best care for her son, and Adam's struggle to re-orient vast swaths of his consciousness after the accident. If you want proof of just how resilient the human mind, body, and will can be when pressed to unbelievable limits, read this book.

By C. Van Strander

I couldn't put this book down. From the very beginning I knew "Surviving Amnesia," written from 2 different perspectives, was something special. Adam and his mother lead us on a perilious journey, from his horrific accident, through the medical and legal systems, the beginning signs of hope, to the stubborn, well earned steps to recovery (struggles still exist, but the fighting spirit is fierce). Straight, simple, deeply honest writing about their experiences as the caregiver/advocate and survivor. I didn't know that the mind and body could recover from such trauma, but for these 2 people, that was never a question. Truly inspiring. Bravo! This would make an amazing movie.

By Christine

"Surviving Amnesia" is a detailed yet immediate look at how mother and son gradually cope with the sudden and catastrophic mutation of their existence. Both Adam and Maureen's writing is delivered without any unnecessary verbal garnish, yet their recollections create vivid perceptions that provoke a powerful sense of empathy within the reader. Maureen's struggle with outside opposition and Adam's struggle with internal devastation are seamlessly intertwined and juxtaposed. The duality of their conflict and the honesty with which the authors present themselves leaves one feeling a sense of gratitude for human endurance. All in all "Surviving Amnesia" is a highly satisfying read and warrants emotion from the reader without soliciting it.

By Thomas W. Georganakis

From the first page of this moving and compelling story I was taken on the journey into the world of two people whose reality was turned upside down almost in an instant.

In one story line a Mother is desperately trying to safe her son's life. She is fighting alone against cold, bureaucratic system and speeding time. The other story is the world of a young man, her son and what happened after a car accident took his memory away leaving behind nothing but pain, forcing him to live in an alien, unfamiliar reality of a mind ravaged by amnesia.

For me though the most fascinating part of this book is Adam's brilliant account of what happens to one's reality after traumatic brain injury. He writes ..."The TBI brain moves out of flux with the flow of time and can't get back".

Loosing the ability to read, write or concentrate on anything, personality change, loneliness, addiction to painkillers, opportunistic people disguising themselves as friends. It's all here. He is brutally honest with the reader. And yet as I read his story I'm struck by his patience and compassion for himself, understanding, persistence and hope. He's got what it takes to overcome all the obstacles and luckily for us, Mr. Burns has found a way to successfully and eloquently tell his story.

This unique memoir is beautifully written and inspiring. Revealing and informative for a reader interested in biology and mystery of human brain. A must read for anyone with TBI and their loved ones.

By Paul

A truly moving and well written documentation of how love, hope and determination can overcome massive trauma and bureaucracy. The facts, skilfully woven into the story from two different perspectives, will give encouragement to other folk in a similar position.

By Enid Tarbush

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